Saturday, December 1

Don't Punish Your Kids, Teach Them a Lesson

Consequences can be hard to set and difficult to stick to.  Rewards work even better. Remember how we talked about not being a bitchface to your kids and how to only say things once?  Let's continue your education about how to be the magnificent parents other parents envy.  Set forth, after the jump!

Saturday, November 10

SOFA: Country Mouse & Small City Mouse in the Big City

I got in my car and drove to from New England to Chicago, Illinois.  The first weekend in November is SOFA. The comic con of fine craft. What? You don't know what any of that is? Let me school you, after the jump!

Saturday, August 25

Farm Stand Culture

 It's a beautiful thing.  Get picking through some ripe stuff, after the jump.

Wednesday, August 1

Positivity and Dickishness

I'm naturally a dark, pessimistic, punishing person.  Unlike most people in that camp, I've had to work hard to change it and usually maintain a fairly sunny disposition.  But, here's the thing, sometimes, I'm still kind of dick.

Saturday, June 30

Giving Yourself Credit

The problem with giving one's self credit is that the people who shouldn't give themselves credit are often the first to do so and the rest of the folks who should recognize their own distinction are often the last to want to do so.  Because of this, those of us who are self aware are usually terrible at appreciation ourselves and crippled by the thought of being the jerk who wrongly self-aggrandizes.

Saturday, June 16

Say It Again, Sam

Sometimes parents just say the same things over and over and over and over and over and over and wonder why kids just don't listen, never learn, or wait until the yelling starts.  It's a whole pattern and it's not all their fault.  Break the cycle, after the jump.

Monday, May 28

Sunday, May 13

Spring's Surprising Springing

In buying our new haus, we have no idea what the previous owner had planted.  Spring has been fun!  An informal tour, after the jump.

Sunday, April 29

Monster High Doesn't Have a TV Show, Isn't That Weird?

Or, so says one of my kids.  Turns out, she was right.  A huge trend right now is taking advantage of all the media available to kids, natural business opportunity.  Kudos to my kiddo who noticed one successful franchise which hasn't needed a television presence.  Some musings, after the jump.

Sunday, April 15

Moose Are a Reality

My college roommate and perennial friend from Arkansas, Abby, believes that moose do not exist.  The proof, after the jump.

Sunday, April 1

Children Can be Brilliant

Truly, sometimes they are really quite clever.  Some insight, after the jump.

Sunday, March 18

We Bought a House!

It's true, I'm one of those people who really wanted a house . . . soooo . . . accomplishment!!!  UPDATED with hot, spring, non-dead images!  Some information and musings after the jump!

Saturday, March 3

Office Pranks Boost my Morale

Sorry for the delay, we're trying to buy a house next week or something.  It started with this picture of Slim Goodbody.  No, really.  What started with Slim Goodbody?  Learn, after the jump.

Friday, January 13

Couch Cruise Vacation

A daily art card from a week off.  No clients, no phone calls, no paperwork, no treatment plans, no meetings, no getting up early, no lack of time of cooking.  Yes reclining couch, yes Jack Daniels, yes baking, yes television friends, yes new music, yes Martha Stewart, yes running, yes crafting.  Bring. It. On.  The amazing adventures of our tiny apartment, after the jump.