Sunday, May 13

Spring's Surprising Springing

In buying our new haus, we have no idea what the previous owner had planted.  Spring has been fun!  An informal tour, after the jump.

     The lady who used to live here did a really lovely job of painstaking manicuring the likes of which our yard will probably never see again.  But, we get to enjoy some of the fruits of her labor!  Also, she planted some blueberry bushes! . . . Just south of the leech field . . . think we can eat those?

This forsythia was one of the first things that we got to see and it is one of the victims of bizarre pruning.  Their method for pruning everything was to shear the top off . . . except some exceptionally high lilacs which grow into the electrical wires . . . win!

Right outside the front of the house and also victim to weird pruning . . . Japanese Maples!  Which, according to our arborist, we will probably have to move so they won't ruin the foundation.

We have these gorgeous things out either side of the front door . . .

And this apparently related thing across the way . . . plums?  And my Mom tells me that this other one is some kind of honey suckle.  The bees flippin' love this thing.

Bushes!  I have no idea what these are . . .

I also have no idea what these bushes are, but they got these cute little bells and are leafy and pretty, despite their high top fade style pruning.
 What's that funny red dot?
 Little lady!

And . . . I don't know what this is, but I found a little sweat bee on it!

These, though, are Rhododendrons!  I know what they are.  You were getting worried, weren't you?  That I had no idea about anything ever.  From here on out, it's identifiables.

 We also have phlox and violets out in the back yard.  Ever made candied violets?  They are divine.  Perhaps next year we will have a few more plants to make such a project feasible.  That link also has a recipe for violet syrup which sounds fantastic and rumor has it is great in champagne or prosecco, yup. Yum.



We also have toads.  I may or may not have discovered this one dark, rainy night (ok, so, obviously I discovered this in the following fashion, no one ever says that when they made it up.) while walking across our patio.  I went to step over a log barrier and then a toad jumped up and hit the bottom of my foot, making me scream so loud the husby came to check on me.  However, I love toads and frogs and the like, so I'm thrilled to have met a few.  I also discovered some spring peepers out back.  They so tiny!  But, here's a toad.

The swallow tails love the rhododendrons.