Saturday, May 14

DeBass Me OR I Am Sexually Aroused By A Good Bassline

Not just, the bass.  Not like how the low end on Robert Delong's set vibrated parts of my body I didn't know were in my abdomen, no, no.  That's very arousing, too, but here I just mean the bassline of a song.  The bassline of a song can hold a tune together and be it's sexy, undulating underbelly.  Do you have a favorite?  I'll tell you mine, after the jump.

Monday, April 25

#13Ms OR A Year of Channeling My OCPD Doing 169 Things

This is the sequel to #listeningtoallmycds.  For 2015, my spread sheet was 13 pages of 13 M things I had to complete between January 1st and December 31st.  The image above has all of the things I did.  At the end of 2015 I managed to complete 169 things with loads of help and company from great friends.  Here are the highlights, after the jump.

Tuesday, March 29

Post Post

I just need to tell you how much I love this post.  This particular fence post, not just any post.  Find out the deal with the post.

Monday, February 29

A Love Letter to Ryan Adams

Yayyy! Another musical love letter!  Ryan Adams is prolific and magnificent, let's marinate in his wonderfulness.  Let's get admiring, after the jump.

Thursday, February 25

Collective Soul Was My Favorite Band OR In Defense of "Bad" Stuff

There are a lot of things in life which are arguably and often critically bad.  Whether it's music, books, art, movies, or whatever else, we've all liked some bad stuff from time to time.  Guilty pleasures or plain ol' garbage, we should be more kind to each other and ourselves because I'm here to argue that the bad stuff has real value.  It's a you-have-to-have-the-rain-to-see-the-rainbow kind of post.    Dig into the dumpster, after the jump!

Friday, January 29

New Billing Codes

Our computer system at work has approximately 300 million codes for billing shit and staff logging their time.  Despite how long it takes to find the code you need, the lengthy list is missing some essential codes I would like, in order to accurately log my time.  The bigger, better code list, after the jump!

Sunday, January 24

Enjoy What You're There For OR A Defense of Opening Acts

I'm not one of those people who show up late to shows to miss the openers.  I recently heard a friend complain about having to sit in the front row and wait out the opener before the band she came to see took the stage.  Openers are such a fun experience of newness!  Here's the thing, when you intentionally skip or talk over all the opening acts, you're really scamming yourself.  Let me convince you, after the jump.

Tuesday, August 11

GiShWheS 2015

The commandments made me write it that way.  Once again, I was part of a team consisting of 15 people who did some bizarre and delightful things over the course of 1 week in the name of Misha Collins: Gishwhes. (Very pic heavy post!)  See what our team did, after the jump.

Saturday, June 13

Thor Answers the Proust Questionnaire

Continuing with the third in this series, Thor Odinson, God of Thunder, answers the Proust questionnaire.  If you want to see the other Prousts in this series of the Avengers, click here. (The Captain America one contains a little background on the Proust.)  If you're not afraid of what follows a little lightning...