Friday, June 21

I Donated A Kidney OR She Who Smelt It, Dealt... A Kidney

I donated a kidney to someone.  I don’t know whom. Everyone asks how the hell I decided to do such a risky thing for a stranger.  A few years ago, one of my friends who moved to the west coast had a friend back east looking for a kidney donor.  Without much hesitation, I volunteered to at least get checked to see whether I would be a match. It didn’t end up that I was contacted for consideration, but after that I got to thinking… I happened to hear this one mother’s request for someone to help save her dying son, but thousands of people need kidneys for their failing health.  There are thousands of other cries I just never encounter; if I was willing to donate for one stranger, why not another? Years passed and I continued to think about donating. Learn a lot about my body and kidneys, after the jump!

Sunday, November 4

#Abecedarium OR My 2017 Annual Goal

For 2017, I did a new thing for every letter of the alphabet.  It was a close call on some of them but it allowed me to call upon old friends for new adventures. (Yeah, it's that cheese ball.)  Obviously, it was all organized on a spreadsheet and it was infinitely more enjoyable than my #stephstewart year.  What story does the alphabet tell?

Monday, July 30

2018 Gish Wish List

 It's GISH season... Think you can help our team win by facilitating any of these things!?  We need photos or videos and let me know if you have any leads, something is better than nothing!

Thursday, August 10

Gishwhes Wish List

Ok, it's that time of year, anybody got some leads which can help our beautiful team win this damn thing?

Wednesday, February 1

#StephStewart OR My 2016 Annual Goal

The annual goals for 2016 were #StephStewart and it was the hardest thing I've ever done.  Now that I have some distance from it, let me tell you about the 100 Martha Stewart themed things that I did for a year.  How far down the rabbit hole did I go?

Monday, August 8

Gishwhes 2016 (Part 2)

Part 1 here.
But here's Part 2.

Gishwhes 2016 (Part 1)

Once again, the Lunicorns knocked it out of the park for Gishwhes.  For all of you who helped us, laughed at us, lent us stuff, or were just wondering what the hell we were talking about for the last week... Here ya go!  Jump into our trash boat!

Sunday, July 31

2016 GISHWHES Wishlist!

Hey, so, maybe you have connections or elements of wonderment and can help my team win this crazy, silly thingHelp us pretty please?

Wednesday, July 6

The Avett Brothers at Thompson's Point, Portland, ME

This 4th of July weekend had breathtakingly spectacular weather of candy blue skies, puffy white clouds, a dry, cool wind, and buckets of sunshine.  There was no better way to celebrate than with some A+ Americana in the form of The Ghost of Paul Revere and The Avett Brothers at a lovely outdoor venue on the Fore River in Portland, Maine.  The environment was perfect and the crowd was so polite.

Saturday, May 14

DeBass Me OR I Am Sexually Aroused By A Good Bassline

Not just, the bass.  Not like how the low end on Robert Delong's set vibrated parts of my body I didn't know were in my abdomen, no, no.  That's very arousing, too, but here I just mean the bassline of a song.  The bassline of a song can hold a tune together and be it's sexy, undulating underbelly.  Do you have a favorite?  I'll tell you mine, after the jump.