Monday, January 19

A Year In Old Music OR #listeningtoallmycds

Here are my reflections on a very silly 2014 year in music. Not 2014 music, I listened to every single one of my CDs from start to finish in 2014.  Listen in, after the jump!

Tuesday, October 28

Fetishizing Insight

Linda Holmes and Stephen Thompson from NPR did a sweet conversation remembering Robin Williams and Linda got me thinking about how culture in the United States "fetishizes insight."  Yet mental health isn't about being the smartest.  Some reflections, after the jump.

Tuesday, October 14

A Love Letter to We Are Scientists

I wrote a crazy fan e-mail to We Are Scientists, because I love them. Be weird with me, after the jump!

Tuesday, September 23

Celebrity Crushes OR A Really Long, Scientific, Impassioned Defense of Being Joyful

This is a companion post to something that the illustrious ShortAndAngry1 wrote.  You can read it here.  Or you can be a less read person and just read what I have to say about crushes.  Learn about love, after the jump!

Saturday, August 9


I paid $18.90 for a really bizarre list of things and it was the best investment I could have made.  Here's what our team, the Lunicorns, did.  Laugh with us, after the jump! [Very graphics heavy.]

Sunday, July 20

For the Love of the Drive

The idea of a road trip has always been romantic, unless you’re Hunter S. Thompson (a different kind of romance, anyway), and I love driving.  I just drove up and down California’s Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) and so it seemed an apt time to talk about how great driving is.  Please, let me drive there. Don't make me take a plane.  I'll drive all over God's green earth and you can have your convenience of flying. Let. Me. Drive. Buckle up for the jump!

Saturday, May 24

The Bitter Taste of Memorial Day

Jasper Johns Flag (Moratorium), 1969
As a Quaker, I feel deeply conflicted and, more often than not, extremely upset by the prospect of Memorial Day.  You can start drafting me your hate mail after the jump.

Wednesday, August 14

A Job from This Hammock, Please

Remember when I talked about my favorite part of the house?  The place I once made the mistake of sitting in before work and never wanted to leave?  Let's talk more about it, after the jump!