Wednesday, September 7

10 Reasons Not to be a Child & Family Therapist

A self explanatory list.  I write this from one year in.  Five years from now, who knows what crazy things I will have learned that I hadn't experienced yet and didn't make it to this list.  From poop to getting called every name in the book and 'roid rages . . . some days, are bad days.  Say what you will about a noble, people oriented profession, but poop is still poop, no matter your job.  Don't get me wrong, helping people is great and I truly love my job . . . but there are some downsides.  Countdown, after the jump.

Monday, September 5

The Garage: Everything but the kitchen sink

        This is a picture of an actual garage.  The garage is, in most cases, an essential and quintessential piece of the bucolic lifestyle.  We shall examine the incredible clowncar-esque storage capacity of the garage and the bizarre nature of what lays behind those vertical sliding doors.

The analysis after the jump.