Wednesday, August 14

A Job from This Hammock, Please

Remember when I talked about my favorite part of the house?  The place I once made the mistake of sitting in before work and never wanted to leave?  Let's talk more about it, after the jump!

Saturday, July 27

fun. OR What a Highly Sensitive Person Experiences at a Concert

I really love music.  I love really loud music.  No, no.  Really.  People say they love music, but I'm a music lover.  I'm also a highly sensitive person.  A qualified introvert.  I want to share this piece of writing with you because I want you to know what you might take for granted.  I want you to know what some of us mean when we say something was an incredible experience.  I want to put words to an incredible experience.  Jump in to experience the show!

Saturday, July 6

Neurobiology of the Night Owl

I'm a night person.  I'm the antithesis of a morning person.  Let's talk a little about why that might be.  Whether you're a night owl or a morning lark, this applies to you.  Learn some neurobiology, after the jump!

Saturday, June 29

Tuesday, May 7

Country Mouse in Los Angeles

A dear friend moved to Los Angeles. I went to visit him and fully expected to hate LA, having only previously been at the airport.  Over the course of my vacation, I was extremely surprised to find that I loved LA.  I'll tell you why, after the jump!

Saturday, April 13

Crafty Potluck

Why is the table so cluttered?  Because it's crafty potluck!  Find out what the hell I mean, after the jump.

Sunday, February 10

Language of Encouragement OR How to be a Sweetie

Language of encouragement means using your words in a subtle way to show you believe in someone.  Great for kids, effective at work, helps you get things done!  It's a valuable skill for everyone to have.  Plus, I couldn't resist the Doctor Who reference to River Song.  Learn how, after the jump!

Saturday, January 19

Just. Fucking. Cold.

I don't know how Canadians do it.  Because I consider myself to be pretty hardy, but sometimes. It's just. fucking. cold.  Learn how cold, after the jump.