Friday, June 21

I Donated A Kidney OR She Who Smelt It, Dealt... A Kidney

I donated a kidney to someone.  I don’t know whom. Everyone asks how the hell I decided to do such a risky thing for a stranger.  A few years ago, one of my friends who moved to the west coast had a friend back east looking for a kidney donor.  Without much hesitation, I volunteered to at least get checked to see whether I would be a match. It didn’t end up that I was contacted for consideration, but after that I got to thinking… I happened to hear this one mother’s request for someone to help save her dying son, but thousands of people need kidneys for their failing health.  There are thousands of other cries I just never encounter; if I was willing to donate for one stranger, why not another? Years passed and I continued to think about donating. Learn a lot about my body and kidneys, after the jump!