Wednesday, August 14

A Job from This Hammock, Please

Remember when I talked about my favorite part of the house?  The place I once made the mistake of sitting in before work and never wanted to leave?  Let's talk more about it, after the jump!
     I love this room and this hammock.  I love sitting in the hammock because I love being suspended and some small child in me still delights in the gravity defying moment of leaping into the hammock and being caught by the sway.  The room that our hammock is in is made up entirely of exposed beams and glass sliders so it is bright and airy, even on rainy days it defies the glumness.  That morning I made the mistake of taking my latte out there . . . I sat there and dreamed about never leaving.  The idea has stuck with me, why can't I just have a job from my hammock.
     I'm a homebody anyway.  I love lounging around.  I'm lazy.  Slothful, even.  I want to sit in this hammock and just hang (hahahaha, no.) out for a job.  Sure, I could conceivably be some kind of critic, journalist, writer, or reviewer which would enable me to sit with a laptop in the hammock and chill, but I really would just like the job to be planting in this hammock.  Here are the strengths I will bring to this position:
  • Excellent latte drinker and enthusiast
  • Purveyor of fine, outstanding music
  • Earnest listener of cheap, but amusing music
  • Examiner of both exceptional and feeble television
  • Superior ability to sleep in, go to bed late, lounge around
  • Instinctively curious about nature observed via window
  • Unprecedented ability to consume candy, soda, and carbs
  • Accomplished loner, cat owner
  • Deft social mediaist
So let's make this my nightly view, yes?