Sunday, July 31

2016 GISHWHES Wishlist!

Hey, so, maybe you have connections or elements of wonderment and can help my team win this crazy, silly thingHelp us pretty please?
So GISHWHES is something we've done in the past (2014, 2015) and it's the best week of the year.  It's essentially an experience based scavenger hunt aimed at spreading goodness and killing normalacy.  The items are pretty extreme and very challenging to get with a weeks notice.  We have team members in PA, NH, Ohio, DC, and Michigan.  Here's our "maybe" list of things you could help us out with... 

  • Do you have a string quartet in the NH area who can come to my dentist appointment Wednesday morning (8/3) or Friday morning (8/5)?  What about just 4 stringed instruments?  Banjo? Mandolin? Any stringed instruments?
  • Can you help us get "This week, GISHWHES is making the world measurably weirder…” or similar text on the news ticker at the bottom of the screen of a major network or cable news channel?
  • Australian connections for this item? "Paint a watermelon to look like the head of a famous dictator (past or present) and place it at the base of one of the cannons at Dawes Point under the Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia. You will likely see other watermelons there. To make sure your photo submission is different from any other team’s, you must stack or display the watermelons artistically. If they are already stacked or displayed in an artistic manner, you must thoughtfully re-stack and rearrange them." 
  • Do you know a well known public figure in the New England area we can get a pet to dress as and have them photographed together?
  • How about this super absurd cow thing? "Free range, grass-fed, small farm dairy cows in Northern Vermont have it rougher than most cows: the rolling hills, the verdant pastures, the way the flickering lights of summer’s fireflies mingle with the starlight, the smell of ripening raspberries wafting into their barns. Help a heifer in these dire circumstances forget her suffering. Treat a dairy cow to the most pampered milking session in human/bovine history. A minimum of three attendants must milk the cow. One person must be feeding her clover by hand as another gently milks her wearing satin gloves as another massages her gently. The attendants must be dressed in semi-formal attire. The milking must take place in a well-appointed living room." 
  • Do you know a body builder who we can film touting the greatness of cheese whiz?
  • How about a fancy museum, do you work at or have clout at a fancy museum? "Time-lapse this submission to 20 seconds or less. Get permission from a museum to temporarily replace a painting worth more than $100,000 with a forgery of the same painting. The forgery must be painted by an 8-year old and we must see time-lapse showing ALL OF THE following 3 occurrences for you to receive points: (1) removal of the original painting (caption with the name of the painting and estimated value), (2) installation of the child’s painting, and (3) patrons viewing the child’s painting."
  • Can we use your pre-1970 super computer to do a calculation?
  • Do you have a zoot suit we can borrow?
  • Do you have the means to help us get highway braille or "botts dots" on a street spelling "Death2Normalcy"?
  • Do you know a modern dance company who can do us a solid and do something strange about the death of dinosaurs?
  • Do you know a grave site of someone who died from a smoking related problem? We need to visit it to raise awareness about the real dangers of smoking. 
  • We need to do the "airplane" (someone on top of their legs) with a astronaut or cosmonaut wearing flight gear. 
  • Do you have a 3D printer that can print with something other than plastic?  Cheese? Silly String?
  • Have access to a working vending machine so we can make it dispense emotions and memories for a few minutes?
  • Do you know how to send a piece of paper into space with a legitimate government contract?

If you have connections or you have the ability to help us out, let us know!  Much, much gratitude.