Monday, July 30

2018 Gish Wish List

 It's GISH season... Think you can help our team win by facilitating any of these things!?  We need photos or videos and let me know if you have any leads, something is better than nothing!

  • People who work in high rises and know one another and can hold up signs to one another
  • Where can we get a free toilet? (In NH)
  • Do you have leg warmers? (In NH)
  • Can you help us get 2 US congressmen (Reps or Senators) to play connect 4 with Blue and White pieces...
  • Can you go take a picture for us in Titusville, FL 
  • What does this say? 
  • Do you have a comptometer?
  • Can you help us get someone to do something in Kawasaki, Japan?
  • Can someone deliver a toilet seat to someone in San Antonio?
  • Uhhh... this? "A sign that says “I’m going deep for GISH!” with the GISH logo, painted in glow-in-the-dark paint, in a submersible at least 2,000 feet (610m) below sea level. We must be able to see some identifiable features of the submersible and some sea life through a window in the background of the image. The sea life species must be identified in the caption and must be something that only survives at depths of greater than 600 feet below sea level. Don’t cheat: we have oceanographic experts on staff verifying this one." 
  • An ambulance or fire truck siren quartet. Yes, four vehicles. And yes, it should be musical. Caption your video with the name of the song they perform.
  • Get a traffic cone or road sign in space
  • Monks twerking at a monastary
  • Octopus playing with a GoPro
  • Get Maury Povich, Dr. Phil, Montel Williams, or Lauren Lake to announce that Misha Collins is NOT (or is!) Alex Calvert's biological father.