Friday, January 29

New Billing Codes

Our computer system at work has approximately 300 million codes for billing shit and staff logging their time.  Despite how long it takes to find the code you need, the lengthy list is missing some essential codes I would like, in order to accurately log my time.  The bigger, better code list, after the jump!
Because the agency I work at has to deal with medical billing, we use a variety of codes to bill for family therapy, individual therapy, case management, psychiatric evaluations, etc. etc.  The computer also has a list of things for staff to log their time; paperwork, staff meetings, training, administrative, eligibilities, time spent searching for a client, etc. etc. But I've found this list to be woefully lacking in the things I actually spend my time doing.  Here are my suggested additions.

  • Annual dealing with the leak in your office maintenance never actually fixes.
  • Convincing maintenance you need a new light bulb and/or light cover.
  • Searching for computer codes in the master list because CRI comes before CAN alphabetically now.
  • Time spent crying in the office.
  • Time spent consoling someone crying in the office.
  • Asking why this shit is done one way on Mondays and one day on Catilsday.
  • Trying to figure out how you actually complete a task in the electronic medical record system.
  • Time spent with IT explaining a problem they say 'hmmmmm' about.
  • Going down to get things off the printer.
  • Reprinting things because they didn't print.
  • Reprinting things because someone else took them or put them in the shredder.
  • Digging through the shred bin trying to find the papers from a print screen that can't be reprinted.
  • Time spent remembering to print some documents and hand print names because the psychiatrist is too good to use a computer OR write-in their own name.
  • Repeating commands in the computer 6 times because sometimes it ignores the first 5.
  • Time spent training your supervisor.
  • Listening to long rambling voice mails about a client who isn't yours.
  • Explaining to support staff that they have to reschedule apt because you aren't here during the time that shows you as unavailable.
  • Looking for a document that could be at the other office building, in the electronic chart, the paper chart, the filing box, the box for pending signatures, or the pile of crap they can't figure out a way to file.
  • Asking about unethical conduct and subsequent follow up when no one ever gets back to you.
  • Time spent searching for a supervisor.
  • Tri-monthly follow up on IT problem not addressed for more than 2 years.
  • Time spent explaining mental health to mental health front line workers.
  • Time spent agreeing with clients that it's ludicrous we can't figure out their insurance co-pay after a year of therapy.