Thursday, August 6

GISHWHES Wishlist 2015

We're going an absurd scavenger hunt, can you possibly help us win it?
So we are part of team competing in Gishwhes again. (Here's what we ended up with last year.) And there are, as usual, some items we just haven't been able to get our hands on, can you help us out?  If you can, tweet at me (@strawberrywish) or leave a comment and we'll be forever grateful!

  • Have 5 police officers with connected hands do a repeating breakdance wave in a ring
  • Give us a 5 star review of this recipe:
  •  Get a picture of you with a current Master Sommelier sipping pure kale (or cabbage) juice from a wine glass. Caption the image with "NAME OF SOMMELIER, renowned Master Sommelier says the official drink of Gishwhes is.." And then finish the caption with the sommelier's review of the juice.
  •  Get to uniformed legitimate 3-star generals (or higher, retired is acceptable) to engage in a competitive, heated game of tic tac toe.
  • Get a host or reporter on a major network news or talkshow program, to say "gishwhes!" as a fake sneeze (as if they are trying to subtly sneak it on air).
  •  Write a computer program that randomly generates Gishwhes mascots.
  • With kayaks or other boats in a Norwegian fjord, spell out Kjaerlighet (love). Caption the image with the fjord's name.
  • Let's see a military cargo helicopter hoist a Humvee into the air. On the Humvee is a banner that reads, "GISHWHES does the heavy lifting."
  • Take a truck that's shaped like the food it sells or a service it provides (like a truck that sells or delivers hotdogs that's shaped like a hotdog) to a drive-in movie theater. Two people must be necking in the truck.
  • Let's see an impressive post office conga line composed entirely of postal workers.
  • The US Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality is an event worthy of a Broadway musical. Get two professional musical theater stars to rehearse singing the text of Justice Kennedy's majority opinion and the dissenting opinions on a stage in a large auditorium or theater. Bonus points if you have a large audience.
  • McDonald's makeover. What would the interior of a McDonalds look like if the franchise served only organic, free-range, fresh, seasonal, slow-cooked foods. Your image must be of the interior of an actual McDonalds, but the overhead menu and kitchen decor must reflect this new direction.
  •  Parasail a stuffed animal with a full-sized parasail behind a motorboat.
  •  This is a real Welsh word: "Llanfaurpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch." Find a Welsh person and have them say in Welsh "I am Welsh and I hate that I have to do this," and then they must say the lengthy word 3 times, without stuttering and without reading it.
  •  Doesn't it make you mad when you pay $10-$15 for a ticket to a movie and then they make you sit through commercials before the feature starts? It makes me mad. Let's de-commercialize the pre-screening experience: have your local movie theater project 10 seconds of footage of you brushing your teeth or carrying out some other mundane daily task on the screen before the start of a feature. We must see a few seconds of the regularly scheduled programing before and after your video. We must also see clearly that we are in a crowded movie theater with at least 50 patrons.
  • Riding a camel on the floor of your country's stock exchange
  • A Sumo wrestler, in full Mawashis, in a coffee shop, reading a gardening magazine.
  • Get Taylor Swift or any musician with over 5 million followers to publicly announce she/he loves supernatural.