Tuesday, August 11

GiShWheS 2015 (Part 1)

The commandments made me write it that way.  Once again, I was part of a team consisting of 15 people who did some bizarre and delightful things over the course of 1 week in the name of Misha Collins: Gishwhes. (Very pic heavy post!)  See what our team did, after the jump.
A bunch of our team also did Gishwhes last year and this year 4 people from California were assigned to our team, so we would round out to 15 members.  Gishwhes is at its most basic, a scavenger hunt and is partnered with Random Acts of Kindness.  However, all the items involve some creativity in order to achieve them, they aren't just things to find or buy, they are actions or creations which must be brought into being.  Many of the items involve showing kindness or charity and/or making a total weirdo of one's self in public.  We aren't allowed to share our work until the hunt is over so if one of us asked you for something rather unusual in the last week, here's what we did with it.  I am so freakishly proud of our team, everyone did amazing and silly things.  It was perfect.  In related news, I got home after the hunt and slept a new personal best of 19 hours.  (We did great, but nowhere near the whole item list, which you can read here.)

#2 Do the one thing that you think, if everyone did it, would change the world for the better overnight. Caption the image or video with what you're doing.

#3 Kick back in a hammock that's suspended from trees on opposite banks of a river.

#4 Get 10 of your friends to stand on a field or lawn. Strap inflated balloons to 5 of your friends' stomachs. The other 5 friends must pop these balloons using only their bellies or their bums.  (They can't use hands, feet, mouths, or anything sharp.)

#5 Felicia Day item.  Do a dramatic reading of your grade school report card.

#8 You and a friend must build and launch two dueling paper airplanes using only your mouths to build and launch them.

#9 A drawing, painting, or digital image (no photoshopping of existing images) of Misha and the Queen as 1950's pin-up BFF girls.

#10 Find someone you love and butter them up; Literally, cover them in butter and then give them a big hug.

#11 Show us what Supernatural will look like at the start of season 50.

#20 Here's your hint: T11fJ-bSWl0. (Don't submit anything unless you solve the puzzle or you will be docked points.)

#21 Get your local weather human to do their weather report dressed as a superhero in drag.

#27 Everyone likes drive-thrus and "Jeopardy." Combine them by going through a drive thru and making the employee guess your order by describing the items to them with the "answer".

#29 Show us your idea of love, caption the image if you wish.

#30 Support our troops. More than 10% of veterans that return from war suffer post traumatic stress syndrome. Tweet or post on FB or Instragram an image of you next to an armed serviceman, with you holding up a sign with a positive message or a message of kindness or gratitude to them and soldiers worldwide. Submit the screen cap of your post.

#32 Write a thank you letter to a teacher or mentor from your past that you never sufficiently thanked. Mail it.  You man submit an image of the letter, or if you wish it to remain private, submit an image of you mailing it. But you must mail it or bad karma will be rained down upon your toothbrush.

#34 How do you do it?  Everyone on your team has such beautiful mustaches?  Do you have some sort of hair growth cream you slather on or pills you take? Let's see a grid photo of everyone on your team that features your mustaches prominently.

#36 Create a cocktail dress or tux out of flowers (you can use foliage, but at least 50% needs to be flowers).  Photograph yourself in a contrasting urban setting.

#38 Time for the first annual (and possibly last ever) gishwhes Road Trip! See the map at the link below. Grab a friend and visit at least 9 (the more the merrier) of the points on the map. Have a passing tourist take a picture of you and your friend at each landmark (no selfies). Make sure we can see the landmark of each spot as part of the picture. You MUST REPLICATE the same pose for each photo and the pose you pick MUST be one that will make your tourist photographers laugh. Edit all images into a grid and submit as one image. It must be the same two people in the same pose and the same wardrobe at each location - http://fb-2.shareably.net/perfect-road-trip-map/?utm_source=ads_gt_fb_share&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=science

#40 They say, "A dog is man's best friend," but they are sexist. Dogs can be women's best friends too.  To prove it, make one entirely out of feminine hygiene products. The dog must be at least 40 centimeters tall. (See how international we are? Look at these units!)

#41 The cats are coming! Prepare your dog for battle. Outfit him or her with armory, weaponry, cutting edge laser gear - whatever it takes to create a canine of mass destruction.

#42 You've just received an invitation to the annual Color Me Pretty Construction Paper Gala. Design and wear an elegant gown consisting of only construction paper. You must be posed with an antique or hotrod car/motorcycle (that will take you to the gala, of course) or in front of the Gala itself which takes place in the most stunning public building of your city.

#46 Congratulations! You've won a one-way trip to colonize Mars!  Unfortunately, you can't bring a checked bag and your carry on must not exceed 10kg. Lay out everything you would pack on your bed in an orderly manner.  You will live on Martian dust mite dung; so don't worry about snacks unless it's a comfort food you can't live without.

#49 It's time to get some fresh air. Take your (at least) 3 pet robots out for a walk. You, of course, should be wearing your homemade Robot Leader Helmet.

#50 Your friend loves cake, so being a good friend, you offer to take them out for cake at a nice restaurant. Alas, you discover when you arrive at the restaurant, that your friend has recently undergone medical treatments that prevents them from moving their arms, so you will have to feed them. Unfortunately, light is harmful to your eyes so you must be blindfolded. While blindfolded, stand behind your seated friend in a fancy restaurant and put your arms under their armpits and feed them cake with your hands. Trust us. This is going to work out beautifully.

#51 Death's funeral.

#55 (Time lapse this down to 10 seconds.) Dressed in something celebratory, hug someone you love, motionless, in a very crowded location. You must hug them for 20 minutes without moving and time lapse it. Add your favorite score to the video.

 #58 Marianas Trench item.  Order a sandwich at a deli consisting entirely of condiments. There can be no bread, no meat, and no veggies. Eat it at the counter.

#61 Create a short "Supernatural"-related horror story out of the abbreviations of the elements of the Periodic Table. You may only use each letter from each abbreviation once (so you'd have roughly - 225 letters to use). The more coherent the story, the better.
#64 The Department of Consumer Kale Residency has decided 2015 is the year to find its favorite hotel lobby in the world. They've asked us to help. Put on your most beautifully designed hat (hat must be made of kale) and evening gown or tux and get a picture of you in your town's finest and most elegant hotel lobby with a maid or bellman.

#65 Find out what one of your parents (or an older relative) wanted to be when they were kids. Make it happen.

#67 FELICIA DAY ITEM. (Time lapse this down to 14 seconds.) Construct an iconic building over 2 feet high out of sugar cubes (or marshmallows) and then film melting it with some kind of liquid.

#68 Perform this EXACT choreography wearing similar wardrobe as the man depicted here but with one of your pant-legs tucked into your sock:http://shortyawards.com/mishacollins - Do your dance while a dog watches you.

#69 Create a beautiful kindness haiku on a nice, homemade card and mail it to or leave it for your parent or grandparent or any older adult who has influenced you. Take a picture of the haiku.

#72 You're so productive! That was brilliant of you to transform your stand-up paddle board into an office with a desk, lamp, and chair. Let's see a picture of you working on your mobile office while it's afloat.

#73 Who would have known the gishwhes mascots were such amazing water-skiers or wake-boarders! Pick your favorite mascot, and prove it.

#74 Prove there's a ghost in a Starbucks (or your local coffee shop if your country has outlawed Starbucks) working as a barista.

#75 Let's see a sloth in time lapse, so it moves quickly, set to your favorite dance music.

#77 You know those people that stand around with signs offering to give away "free hugs?" Add balance to the universe (and bolster capitalism) by asking for something in exchange: hold up a sign on a busy sidewalk that reads, "Hugs $5" (or whatever you think you should charge). Donate anything you make to your favorite charity. Don't pocket it. Bad karma will be rained down on your butter knife.

#79 Take an infared photo of a popsicle in your mouth.

#80 Tweet a photo of two men or women kissing each other (clothed) to @Ricksantorum. We need to see the Tweet with #facerealityRick @gishwhes.

#81 You know the saying, "No man is an island." Prove it wrong.

#87 Your car color is uniform and boring. It's time for a paint job. Paint an image of a celebrated musician riding a unicorn on the hood or door panel of your car. It must cover the entire hood or door panel.

#90 That was so kind of you to volunteer to host a "Going Away Party for a Boardgame." Invite several friends over to play a gently used boardgame for its "goodbye party." Then take it to a shelter for families living there. Photoshop two images together, you and your friends playing, and the game being dropped off at a shelter.
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