Saturday, December 24

Christmas in the Villages and Happy New Year!

The lights are my husby's favorite.  Places do look nice, but we haven't had much of a winter this year, except for October and the harrowing adventure we had then.  But winter in a bucolic wonderland is quite lovely.  Some musings, after the jump!
I found this image from Panoramio, credit where credit is due, and it's of the same bay that the background image is for the site.

Pretty nice, no?  All the villages around decorate a tree near the center of town and there's usually a cute little ceremony that goes along with it.  Some places, I'm looking at you, Wolfeboro, cart in a giant tree and heave it into a parking place for the season.  They stand in the cold and the wind and twinkle none the less.  It is one of the touches that really make the towns look inviting and home to a community.  Those communities often host locally made seasonal fairs full of warm and fluffy hats and mittens, yummy baked goods, handmade cards, wreaths, and a myriad of local treasures.
     And so happy Christmas.  Though I do miss the snow.  When I was little I remember a brown Christmas when I was very concerned that there was no snow and therefore Santa's sleigh would not be able to come.  My dad clarified that obviously since Santa's sleigh can fly, it wouldn't be an issue.  He was right.  This season also marks the last paid holiday that I get until Memorial Day in May.  So, bring on the New Year and the three day weekend, baby!!!  So go snuggle down with a cup of Spicy Eggnog coffee and watch some Charlie Brown, cause it's Christmas Eve, darlin'.