Tuesday, March 29

Post Post

I just need to tell you how much I love this post.  This particular fence post, not just any post.  Find out the deal with the post.
I pass this post when I run.  It's one of a great many posts which hold up the barbed wire fence around a cow field.  But this post is different and it's the most beautiful post I have ever seen in my life.  Every time I run by it, I admire it.  

The other posts are peeling or brown, still holding up fine, but they are just regular posts.  This post has a beautiful sheen and it's silken smooth, which makes it appear nearly iridescent.  I love the way it's darker on the straight sections and more blonde where the branches were, which makes it look like the light pools up in the notches.  The morning sun hits this post on the road side, so it's most beautifully illuminated before midday.  I love the way the lustrousness catches the green of the field or the blue of the sky or the empty white of the snow.  I love the composition of the branches and how green the wood still looks on top.

This post is just so beautiful.  I check on it every time I run by it and it makes me smile because it's just so gorgeous.  I think it's easy to forget about the mundane things that can bring beauty into our lives, this post reminds me.