Tuesday, October 14

A Love Letter to We Are Scientists

I wrote a crazy fan e-mail to We Are Scientists, because I love them. Be weird with me, after the jump!

Dear Chris and Keith (and Michael, and Andy, and other Keith…)-
            I want to say thank you and feel compelled to share this gratitude with you.  I briefly met Keith in Boston last week, he was kind enough to sign the split I bought at the show, and if I had social skills and we’d both had 10 minutes, here’s what I would have said:
            You guys are so good. I am so glad to have had your music by my side.  I love the way your sound has grown and changed and I’m glad you have been a band to embrace, rather than run from, those kinds of changes.  I adore the new record.  I adore the old records. Thank you for making records.  I feel confident in saying that without With Love and Squalor and lemonheads I wouldn’t have a Master’s degree.  With Love and Squalor saw me through senior year of college.  It was later the CD I left in my car stereo for my entire final year of grad school.  Brain Thrust Mastery kept me company one dull summer which was made better by Dinosaurs.  Late nights and bad days have been improved by Steve Wants His Money.  Barbara was the soundtrack to when I moved.  Into a house.  You know, like a real adult or something—I don’t know.  And now TV en Francias… we’ll see what part of my life this is.
            Point being, I’m so grateful that you make music.  I’m so grateful that I found your music and that you play incredible shows.  I saw you three times in the last 14 months; once at Bunbury Festival in Ohio and twice in Boston.  I was wicked jazzed when I saw you in April that you played Courage because I had been stalking the setlists and you hadn’t been playing it but it is one of my favorites from the new record.  The energy you guys have when performing is spectacular.  It keeps me rapt.  I love when Chris slays those bass bits live and it makes my heart valves flutter.  I can’t believe how gorgeous it is when Keith’s fingers leap and hop on the guitar neck during Nice Guys.  And it’s basically a miracle of human physiology that other Keith can smash drums like that for any length of time (this is probably true for Andy, too, but I’ve never seen him live…).  You guys are silly between songs, but a lot of those songs are gut-punching.  Keith, you seem like a heart with a head that thinks too much and I love it.
            I obsess about your band.  I proselytize about your band.  I appreciate that you are intelligent and I get excited by the language you use.  I relish the fact that you understand music and I get gleeful when an interviewer manages to pull some substance out of you-- Which isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy you messing with the interviewers by just dryly trying to make each other laugh, because I also love the sardonic and laconic thing you have going on.  I just love you guys.  I love that you play rock music which makes me so happy and, again, I’m so grateful to have had these tracks whirling in my head.  Chris, I love your magnificent mustache.  Keith, I swoon over your silver fox locks.
            We Are Scientists have meant the world to me and through enthusiasm, friends, other musical finds, lyrics, and hooks, the band has changed my life.  I have a different life than I would have if I had never encountered your work.  Thank you for sharing your music and humor with us.  Thank you for changing and engaging with music.  I wish I could show you WAS stamped all over my heart guts, but this traipse through my words is the best I can do.  Please just know that I love your work and I’m so fucking grateful for what you have given to me.  Thank you, from the deepest pits of my tiny, black heart.