Monday, August 4


GISHWHES is a crazy scavenger hunt going on RIGHT NOW.  We have until the wee hours of Saturday morning to accomplish some crazy tasks.  We are expected to complete the tasks ourselves wherever possible, but if you think you can help our team get this stuff done, please let me know.

-We need a storm trooper costume.
-We need to play hopscotch with a professional athlete.
-We need to get at least 4 grocery checkout employees to wear a mask.
-We need a current or former WWE/WWF wrestler to challenge Aisha Tyler to a thumb war.
-We need a superhero costume one of us can wear to bingo.
-A published food critic must review a culinary creation called Pasta with Jam sauce (really we just need a picture of them, us, the food)
-Go through TSA dressed for snorkeling.
-Two people kissing, one in a Russian flag, one in a Ukraine flag
-A bonafide NASCAR with a pink unicorn decal.
-A brass quartet performing carry on my wayward son from a median strip while there's a traffic jam.
-A fighterjet pilot POV while doing a "roll" and then holding up a hand that says GISHWHES does MACH 2
-Get kids to play in a water park made my firemen's equipment.
-Get a previously published sci-fi author to write an original 140 word story.
-We need a cuckoo clock we can modify (not ruin or permanently change!)
-Get a positive message on a jumbotron at a sporting event.
-We need an infant and a turtle to race.
-Create a geoglyphic sock monkey at least 15m across (trick to this being that we need to get up high enough to capture the image)
-Can we borrow a 2 stanchions with a rope from you?
-How about a carrier pigeon?
-Make a 1 acre crop circle (of an elopus) and get a photo from above.
-A story on All things Considered or Morning Edition about GISHWHES which mentions the Lunicorns.
-Do you have a taxidermied shark one of us can jump over?
-Build a fairy house in Kensington Gardens.
-Interview Larry King at a diner.
-Get a legit Term Slip from a professionally listed venture capital firm for Granny Grinder.
-Print a quill with a 3D printer.
-Make a topiary into a GISHWHES mascot.
-An Israeli and a Palestinian holding hands and holding flags or drawings of their country.
-Have NYT best selling author or Tony winning actress/actor do a dramatic reading of a portion of the DMV code.
-Bike built for 4.
-An architect.
-Get something about GISHWHES on something in space.
-Get GISHWHES spelled out on a skyscraper in lights.

TALK TO ME PEOPLE, I know you have connections.  It's all in good fun and we've only got about 4 days to make it happen!  We have people in Iowa, Los Angeles, New Hampshire, New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Cincinnati, Pennsylvania... Help us do some silly things.